SFX Creatures 

Course Overview: In the SFX Creature Makeup Class, you'll explore the fascinating techniques and methods used to create breathtaking creature makeups. Under the guidance of our experienced instructor, you'll awaken your creative spirit and bring to life alluring monsters, aliens and captivating creatures.

Course Highlights: Introduction to SFX Creature Makeup: Gain a comprehensive understanding of creating characters, including the use of prosthetics, special makeup effects, and other essential materials. Learn to conceptualize and design unique creature personas.

Prosthetic Application: Dive into the art of applying prosthetics to transform yourself into a mystical being. Learn advanced techniques for seamlessly blending prosthetics, ensuring a lifelike and enchanting result.

Texture: Master the creation of realistic textures, scales, and enchanting features. Learn to manipulate materials to achieve the desired effects that will make your characters come alive.

Coloration and Detailing: Explore various color palettes and shading techniques to enhance the enchanting characteristics of your makeup. 

Supplies Included: We provide a selection of essential supplies for the class, including prosthetics, some makeup brushes, sponges and other required materials, to ensure you have all the necessary tools to bring your characters to life. We do encourage you to bring your own body paints however you will have access to high-quality products and professional-grade tools to practice and refine your creature makeup skills. Feel free to bring your own supplies.

Class Tickets are $60 and good for 1 Artist & 1 Model, so bring a friend who wants to be transformed into an enchanting or horrifying creature! Please ensure your model does not have allergies to the materials used.

Location: Join us at the Appleton Mills Art Gallery, located at 219 Jackson Street in Lowell, MA. Free on-street parking is available after 6pm, or you can opt for paid garage parking at the Early Garage on 135 Middlesex Street in Lowell, MA. 

Contact us via email at dahcart@gmail.com or call 978-601-4562 when you arrive. Dive into the world of mermaids and sea creatures with us!

Email dahcart@gmail.com Call 978-601-4562

The Appleton Mills Art Gallery

219 Jackson Street 

Lowell, MA

Paid Street Parking available as well as 

The Early Parking Garage located at 135 Middlesex ST Lowell MA

Parking is free M-F after 6m & all day Sunday